Gastro Biscuits: Keks-Löffel mittel, vegan and lactose free

A real eye-catcher on the saucer with practical application for stirring! Our cookie spoon convinces not only with its extraordinary appearance, but also with the light caramel note in the taste. In the medium size, the pastry is perfect next to a cup of coffee. The cookie-spoons are delivered loose in a carton.

wheat flour, sugar, 8% apple fiber, tapioca starch, wheat protein, sunflower oil, salt, natural flavouring.
May contain traces of milk, egg, soy and nuts.
Nutritional facts per 100g:
energy 1747 kJ / 414 kcal
fat 6,4 g
of which saturates 0,8 g
carbohydrate 76 g
of which sugars 32 g
fibre 7,3 g
protein 9,6 g
salt 0,30 g