Welcome to the Coppenrath family bakery!

A love of fine baked confectionery has been inherent to us for nearly 200 years. The sixth generation of our family is now still busy baking our products that we share with customers in more than 60 countries throughout the world – something of which we are rightly proud.


It all started with honey cake

This was a consumer favourite back in the 1830s and 1840s. The delicious honey cake made by the master baker Heinrich Coppenrath junior not only appealed greatly to those with a sweet tooth in his native Emsland in Lower Saxony, it also found its way onto the tea tables of various high ranking and royal families. But that was not the end of the story; thanks to their skill, hard work and spirit of enterprise, the Coppenrath family extended their range of products and managed to find customers for their popular confections throughout the whole country. And what started as a small rural bake house developed into a successful major bakery business.

Today, the quality of Coppenrath products is appreciated worldwide. The company managed by Andreas Coppenrath, representing the sixth generation of the Coppenrath family, now employs 300 personnel who make sure that up to 120 tonnes of our baked goods are ready for delivery every day.

History is our tradition

1825Founding of the Business

“Company founder Heinrich Coppenrath (the first) started the country bakery Coppenrath in Geeste / Groß Hesepe in Emsland.”

1890expansion of product line

“The son, Heinrich (the second), expanded the bakery assortment by creating the legendary Coppenrath Honey Cake. Moreover, Heinrich (the third) started the production of zwieback. At the time, horse-drawn carriages supplied the nearby food stores.”

1924Intensification of business

“Aloys Coppenrath (fourth generation) intensified the production of bread, zwieback and honey cake. The arrival of the first motorized trucks led to an expansion of the delivery radius, the production program now included sweets.”

1942Änne Coppenrath

“Aloys Coppenrath had a tragic accident. His wife, Änne Coppenrath, continued to manage the firm through the difficult years of war.”

1948Franz Coppenrath

“Due to the early death of his father, Franz Coppenrath (fifth generation) took over the parental business at the age of 19. Step by step the factory and oven facilities were modernized and expanded.”

1962Business realignment

“Franz Coppenrath and his wife Ursula decided to leave behind the country bakehouse and take the next step toward a modern large-scale bakery. Taking high entrepreneurial risks, they constructed a new modern factory building. The wholesale supply was extended to the entire German market.”

1968Distribution of sweets

“Franz Coppenrath realized that there was a regional demand for wholesale sweets: The "sweets retailer Ems-Vechte” took up his commission. The first assortment consisted of 250 items. After the death of Franz Coppenrath his wife Ursula took over management of the firm, which today supplies all of Germany under the name “Naschwelt” (German: Nibble World).”


“Expansion of distribution activities abroad. Austria became the first important export market.”

1978The great fire

“On August 27, 1978 the entire fabrication facility of Coppenrath burned out. Within only two hours, flames consumed the entire production facility, including raw materials and the supply storage. Due to the dedicated effort of the employees, a new factory building was raised in the record time of only two months.”

1995Company succession

“Andreas Coppenrath succeeds his father Franz Coppenrath in 1995, who falls seriously ill shortly afterwards and dies in 1997 at the age of just 67.”

1998Expansion of export activities

“Under the leadership of Andreas Coppenrath the company successfully expanded its market position domestically as well as abroad. Coppenrath supplied fine pastries to over 50 countries worldwide.”

2008Opening Schulbäckerei

“Opening of the training bakery named "Schulbäckerei" in Groß Hesepe. At the restored training bakery, the fabrication of continuously prepared baking goods in particular is explained to visitors who are interested in the baking trade. Additionally, it offers students an interesting opportunity for professional orientation.”

2014Dedication new building

“Within one year we built a second office building and a hall to extend our production. The hall includes 2.000 square meters and is used to expand the areas of storage and packaging. The subject of energy efficiency was especially emphasized in the construction of both buildings.”

2015Local Enterprise Award

“The "Witschaftsverband Emsland e.V" awarded the family run company in the category "Social Commitment". Our employees deserve the highest appreciation, they are to the fore of all business activities. In addition to that, Andreas Coppenrath cares of a number of social projects in the community and more than regional.”

Corporate philosophy

The baking of fine pastry runs in the family of the Coppenraths. For already six generations we have devoted ourselves to the baking and confectionist trade, to the fabrication of the finest baking delicacies. In the course of nearly two centuries, we have not only acquired a certain measure of experience but also of responsibility.

Responsibility for the quality of our products, which are made by utilizing all of our expertise, good recipes and choice ingredients. Responsibility for the satisfaction of our trading partners and customers, who can rely on our technology and logistics. And responsibility for the well-being of our employees, who take on the daily task of making sure we measure up to our reputation.

Today, we are delivering our fine pastries worldwide. Yet, we never forget our roots. To be actively and wholeheartedly involved, to honor the old and, at the same time, dare to try the new – is our conviction and characterizes us as a family business; it sets us apart from many anonymous large-scale corporations. And I can give you my personal word of honor on this.

Andreas Coppenrath

Coppenrath family bakery: our guiding principles

Coppenrath has been run by one and the same family since 1825. We prepare all sorts of seasonal and classic baked goods at our production site located in Groß-Hesepe in Saxony. What particularly characterise us are our flexibility, our policy of customer proximity and our aspiration to make products of the very highest quality.

We may be a medium-sized enterprise but working in accordance with our motto – ‘Preserve the past but dare to be new’ – we have managed to build up a large-sized reputation in the marketplace. The standards we apply to all our business activities are:

satisfaction of all employees

meeting the wishes and needs of the consumers and customers

delivering first-rate product quality

The environmentally friendly and energy efficient production of our pastries

Our employees play an essential role in the success of our business. The following principles should, therefore, be a guideline for all employees so we can secure our future success together.

Our employees deserve the highest appreciation. Our company expects and promotes peak performances from our staff. This requires a willingness to perform, taking joy in active and thoughtful participation and in making decisions. Every decision process must be open for better arguments. Good cooperation, personal contact and team spirit are vital for the fulfillment of our tasks. Our dealing with each other is open, direct and familiar. Our thoughts and actions are characterized by our effort to be honest and truthful.
Good work and performance depend on the reciprocal flow of information. Only an informed employee sees the full picture and is able to make right decisions.

The people in leadership have a special responsibility. People who lead others must already have learned to lead themselves. Clear goals for the company and for the employees are required to work successfully.

Leading means: being an example, kindling enthusiasm, taking an interest in the needs of employees, clearing a space for ideas and one’s own decisions but also being open for criticism.
Leading also incorporates: creating trust, promoting an identification with the work and developing a sense of self-worth in the employee. Accomplishments should be acknowledged, mistakes discussed as a group and not “dramatized”.

The wishes of customers and the needs of consumers are important to us. The success of our company depends upon meeting these demands. For this reason we believe good consultation and perfect service is important. Only personal contact with our customers helps us recognize their wishes and lets us establish a relationship that is based on a partnership and founded on mutual trust and honesty. Our demeanor should be pleasant and friendly. Everyone dealing with our company should sense the positive spirit within our company.

First-rate quality of our products is one of the decisive factors for our company’s success and secures our competitiveness for the future. Therefore, quality in all areas is a requirement since quality in our work ensures quality in our products.
Quality means much more than meeting existing demands; it means an alert and conscious state of mind during work and improving one’s own performance. The person who works well will also be satisfied with his or her performance.

Everyone is called to align their knowledge and behavior accordingly. Feasible plans are implemented immediately, and the aspect of environmental protection has priority for long-term decisions. This requires future-oriented thinking.
We want to try everything in our power to create a clean and healthy work environment.

In order to secure our future and preserve our employment, we are willing to take new and courageous paths. Companies that do not react to changes in our society and in our markets will not endure. We do not wait for success, we search for it. Everyone must be willing to learn and change. Only the person who keeps a clear view of what is important and essential for the job, who keeps eyes and ears open for other employees and colleagues, will be successful and gain a sense of well-being.


2018Sweetie 2018

“The RUNDSCHAU for the retail food sector honored the best sweets and snacks of the year with the award SWEETIE. For 14 years already the publishing Medialog has been awarding the most innovative and high quality new products with the Sweetie.
A jury consisting of experts from retail, blogger and journalists are evaluating different sweets in various categories. For the second time already we convinced the jury of our innovative and high-quality products. In a ceremony we received the award for our product „Topping Style Typ Amarettini“ on the 13th of April.”

2017Innogy award for climate protection 2017

“Each year the subsidiary Innogy of the energy supplier RWE honors special engagement for sustainable and environmental friendly activities.
For the first time a company got the award in 2017. As a family company in 6th generation we attach great importance to a sustainable production process and we are extremely pleased to get this award! ”

2016Best brand quality 2016

“The company DEUTSCHLAND TESTET evaluated more than 750.000 costumer opinions about quality awareness towards brand product.
With excellent performance we belong to Germany’s best quality brands in the pastries sector!
We developed from a small bakery to an international successfully company! We insert our well-founded competence from the last 200 years in high quality products. It makes us proud that our costumer appreciates this.”

2015Price for long-term product quality for Coppenrath

“The DLG presents the Award for the Best in gold to companies that have proven their above-average quality standard by earning DLG Awards for at least 15 years without interruption. Such companies have demonstrated that they belong to the quality elite of the German food industry”

2015Sweetie 2015

“The Sweetie is an award, which is given by the RUNDSCHAU for the retail food sector.
The best innovations of the confectionery industry and salty snacks are awarded.
A jury consisting of experts from retail, marketing and food science are evaluating the products. This year the Wild Coookys from Coppenrath got the famous award! ”